Thanks to the competences of its engineers/technicians and their experience, done as a team able to follow completely a cycle-life of the product, ENEXSE is able to operate as:

Concept Entity
– Feasibility Studies
– Preliminary Analysis
– Cost evaluation
– Material Analysis
– Interiors Style
– Definition of the Certification Specifics
– Staff Design
– Functional Design

Design Entity:
– Metallic and Composite Primary Structures Design
– Metallic, thermo-set and thermo-plastic secondary structures Design
– Composite (thermo set sandwich or monolithic, thermoplastic) fairings and furnishing Design
– Moving parts, mechanisms and kinematics studies
– Tolerancing activities
– Mechanical system Routing – Electrical system Routing
– System bracket design and System Installation
– Sensors and Equipments Installation
– Equipments Plates Concept & Design
– Configured Digital Mock-up & Technical Data Management
– Configuration and traceability
– Drafting and Definition Dossier

Stress Entity:
– Static stress analysis of metallic/composite primary, secondary structures and systems installation
– Fatigue analysis of metallic parts and assemblies
– Damage tolerance analysis on Composite and metallic parts and assemblies
– Dynamic analysis of structures and kinematics
– Finite element meshing, optimization and solving (linear or non-linear; static; dynamic; transient…)
– Analytic stress methods (“hand calculation”)
– Thermo-mechanical studies of parts and assemblies
– Sensitivity studies
– Stress analysis method development
– Test plan definition, test analysis and test report: coupon, specimen, assembly, WP fitted on complete fatigue/static test Airframe
– Certification activities: stress reports, ACDs, CSR…

Manufacturing Entity
– Concept & Layout Design
– CAD 3D Modelling
– CAD 2D Drawing
– BOM PDM Management
– 3-4-5-AXIS CN Part Programs
– Job Cards First Article Manufacturing Support
– Control Plan
– Sheet Metal Tools
– Machined Part Tools
– Bonding Tools
– Fixture
– Jigs

Technical Document Creation & Management Entity
– Preparation, Authoring, Validation & Management of Technical Documentation
|—– Maintenance Procedures
|—– Trouble Shooting Procedures
|—– Structure Repair Manual (SRM)
|—– Repair Management Tool (RMT)
|—– Creation / Modification of Illustrations and Lists of a Component
|—– Schematic Manual, Wiring Manual, Wiring List
– Creation of 2D/3D Illustrations
– Electrical drawings

Verification &Validation Entity
– Testing
– Test Failure
– Reliability/Availability/Maintainability (RAM Analysis)
– Safety System & Components

In Service Support Entity
– Client Technical Support (Front Line)
– Aircraft Modifications: Service Bulletin
|—– Standard modifications,
|—– System modifications,
|—– Cabin Reconfiguration,
|—– Freighter Conversion
|—– Kits
|—– Working Party Management