Company corporate

ENEXSE, acronym for ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE SERVICES, is an International Engineering Company, focused on AEROSPACE, AUTOMOTIVE and RAYLWAY markets.

Founded at the beginning of 2011 in Toulouse/France by Luca MANNA.
ENEXSE finds its best Italian partner in PROTOM Group, important actor in automotive and railway fields. One year later in 2012, ENEXSE Italia starts its activities based in Naples/Italy and at the end of the same year ENEXSE UK also sees the light, in London/United Kingdom.
In 2013 the engineering partnership between PROTOM Group and ENEXSE enlarges its horizon with a big investment in recruiting a group of former PIAGGIO Aero Engineers, Senior Engineers and Manager.

ENEXSE has carefully developed a network of highly skilled and motivated multi-skilled resources which enables to organize experts teams, covering customers requirements. Today ENEXSE workforce consists of more than 100 qualified international engineers, in continuous improvement by market oriented training services, in order to manage a complete Product Work Package, starting from the High Level Technical Requirements to its Industrialization, in accordance with the customer company standards for Manufacturing , offering a total support along the life-cycle of product.

ENEXSE is also constantly engaged in R&D activities to develop new technologies and increase its capabilities.

ENEXSE, with its dynamism and reactivity, assists customers’ performance through ideas, solutions, technologies and Men.

The aim is to be their key-partner to success, ensuring the best solutions regarding customers expectations in terms of proximity, commitment, quality & cost and therefore satisfaction.